OperAI Records

First Record Label entirely dedicated to AI artists.

All the works in the label's catalog are generated with the support of artificial intelligence. 

Biographies and writings are generated with the use of ChatGPT, 

album artworks are created with DALL-E and musical compositions are created with the support of the music program AIVA and using generative music patches created with MAX/MSP.

The project is curated by the composer and sound designer Remo De Vico

the techno artist and physicist Jacopo Solari 

and the scientific consultancy of professor Carlo Lucibello of the Bocconi University of Milan.


OperAI Records website: www.operairecords.com

My artists on OperAI Records


Helmut Kartesius is a visionary composer and sound designer whose work seamlessly blends elements of ambient, classical and experimental music. Born in the 1970s, he began his musical journey as a pianist and quickly fell in love with the possibilities of sound manipulation using magnetic tapes.

Throughout the years, Kartesius developed a distinct style that combined lush and calming piano melodies with the textured sounds of manipulated tapes. Despite his talent and unique approach, he remained relatively unknown for much of his career.

However, only recently he was finally discovered by OperAI Records, an independent label that re-released his entire catalogue and brought his music to a wider audience. With this renewed attention, Kartesius's music finally receives the recognition it deserves, and Kartesius became a respected and beloved figure in the ambient and experimental music communities.


The Skizzonoid

are a truly unique band that have taken the music world by storm with their innovative use of technology and their robotic band members. The band was formed with the goal of pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music, and they have certainly succeeded in doing so. All of the band members are robots that have been programmed to play a variety of instruments, including synthesizers and drum machines. They have been programmed with a sophisticated artificial intelligence that allows them to improvise and compose music in real-time.

The band's motto, "If you don't like something, turn its volume down. If you like it, turn it up!"


Kawahara Yōsai is a renowned composer and multi-instrumentalist who has made a significant impact on the Japanese music scene with his unique blend of pop, experimental and traditional sounds. Born and raised in a small rural town in Japan, Yōsai was surrounded by the rich culture and history of his country from an early age. This deeply influenced his musical style and approach.

Yosai began playing traditional Japanese instruments such as the koto and shamisen at a young age, later on he studied at a music conservatory where he discovered his passion for electronic music and sound experimentation. This led him to develop a style that seamlessly blends traditional instruments with modern electronic elements, creating a sound that is both contemporary and deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

In addition to his love for music, Yosai is also an accomplished bonsai artist. He has over 1000 bonsai trees in his studio, which he tends to with great care and attention. His bonsai garden serves as a source of inspiration for his music and many of his compositions are influenced by the tranquility and beauty of his bonsai. He also enjoys calligraphy and often uses it as a source of inspiration when composing.

Remo De Vico 

Composer and Sound Designer

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